Choosing a Retirement Destination


Choosing a Retirement Destination Finding the destination of where you will retire is an exciting and life changing decision. Will you be retiring somewhere close to family? Somewhere tropical? Perhaps a different country? Choosing a retirement destination has changed with the baby boomer generation and their access to technology. Retirement is the dream of relaxation [...]

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Selling a Senior’s Home is Different


Selling a Senior's Home is Different  Many homeowners have previously bought and sold homes. However, selling a senior's home can be much more complicated, due to the number of unique issues and decisions - and sometimes the number of people involved. Though seniors usually make the decision to sell, it is not uncommon for adult [...]

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Hotel Philosophy – Staging Your Home


Hotel Philosophy - Staging Your Home It’s time to sell and you want to stage your home. Here is the rule of thumb when it comes to stage your home: a house isn’t staged to sell, it is staged to live. This type of staging is called, hotel philosophy. The hotel philosophy allows for potential [...]

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Buckle down: Markets are erratic and will continue into the future


  As rates continue to move higher there are two things on every mortgage professional’s mind to help and protect their borrowers. Lock and extend. We are in the most pronounced rising rate environment we’ve seen since before the 2008 financial crash. Here at Movement, like other lenders, average mortgage rates have increased about 65 [...]

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Why and How to Clear Clutter


Why and How to Clear Clutter Owning a home is such an amazing experience. It’s a home to make your own and to create memories with those you love. The fun part of owning a home is decorating with furniture, pictures, and items to give your special space character. Over the years of home ownership, [...]

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Shades of Gray


More homebuyers are expressing that grays are their preferred interior paint color. Integrate the most popular gray hues into your home when you prepare it for market. Gray walls exude a modern simplicity with a fresh yet familiar feel. They integrate well with natural views and are great complements to a range of furnishings. With [...]

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Marketing: The OTF Way


  Marketing: The OTF Way  Marketing is a concept which can be either looked at dauntingly or as creative challenge. Throughout my career, I have looked at marketing as way to push myself to find fun and innovative ways to catch my audience. I love approaching marketing as a way to get my customers and [...]

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Is it time to sell your home?


Is it time to sell your home? Selling a home can be a scary process for many seniors. Building a life and countless memories in your home makes the thought of selling very intimidating and daunting. It’s a heavy emotional decision and getting rid of homely possessions can be tough. While it can be overwhelming [...]

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How Orangetheory Fitness Helped My Business


How Orangetheory Fitness Helped My Business Orangetheory is a high intensity workout craze taking the nation by storm. The workout is a unique combination of personal training and group fitness. While it’s only a one hour workout, the focus on heart rate based interval training causes you to burn calories continuously. Orangetheory Fitness is a workout and [...]

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Surban Living and Its Benefits


Surban Living and Its Benefits For ѕеnіоrs, сhооѕіng tо ѕеttlе іn a urbаn оr ѕuburbаn еnvіrоnmеnt can be a dіffісult сhоісе. City living comes with unique experiences such as fresh new restaurants, activities, such as concerts, and a close knit sense of community. While city dwelling has it advantages, the disadvantages can include a loud, crowded and hectic environment. Which is [...]

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