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3 reasons to sell your home NOW!


I have a friend in another state who wants to sell her home. And, whether a blessing or a curse, she has the luxury of taking her time. In other words, she doesn’t need to relocate for a new job, she’s not getting a divorce and she’s not in escrow on another home. So, suffering [...]

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Tips for Preparing Your Home for Spring


One thing many Michiganders can attest to is the feeling that there is, seemingly, no end to winter. However, they eventually see the light at the end of the tunnel with winter’s transition to spring and begin the process of ushering in a new season with home maintenance. Whether it’s giving their house a deep, [...]

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By Howard H. Collens People often ask if they need to wait until AFTER a decedent’s estate closes in order to sell the deceased loved one’s house.  This is a common misconception and nothing could be further from the truth.  The sale process may be completed while the estate is open. When a loved one [...]


Estate Planning Tips for Homeowners


By Mallory Kallabat DID YOU KNOW: After your death, assets titled in your individual name cannot be transferred to your beneficiaries without probate court proceedings, which are time consuming and costly. Here are two ways homeowners can keep their homes out of probate court: Transfer Real Estate to your Revocable Living Trust: Real property titled in [...]

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Why Daylight Saving Time is so hard to adjust to — and what you can do to make the change feel easier


By Kevin Loria Daylight Saving Time in the US takes effect in the early morning hours of Sunday, March 11. After that, there will be at least a few miserable mornings where the work alarm feels even more invasive than normal. But it's more serious than that — Daylight Saving Time is literally killing us. On Monday, [...]

Why Daylight Saving Time is so hard to adjust to — and what you can do to make the change feel easier2018-08-24T08:56:31+00:00

Home Decorating Tips


Professional decorators see the same decorating faux pas repeatedly. Hey, it’s only natural that those of us who don’t do it for a living are winging it. One of the mistakes most frequently made by novices is that we don’t pay attention to scale. Specifically, some of the items we use to decorate our homes [...]

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New Smart Products for Your Home


Technology offers countless solutions for making life easier, with many more products and applications arriving in the not-too-distant future! Here are just a few examples of ways to make your home “smart.”  Cooking is a snap Snap a photo of a barcode on a prepackaged meal and cooking instructions are sent to your oven or [...]

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Effects of the New Tax Law on Estate Planning


by Michael P. Witzke,  Attorney At Law, McDonald Hopkins The new law takes effect for tax years beginning after 2017 and most provisions dealing with individual tax reform and transfer taxes are effective for taxable years 2018 - 2025. The Basic Exclusion Amount doubled from 5 million to 10 million (indexed for inflation). The estimated amount for [...]

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Southernmost Hospitality


  Sick and tired of the cold weather? Are you looking for sun, waves, and warm temperatures? Do you own an RV? If you answered yes to all of the above, then check out the following location! Voted one of America’s Top Ten RV Parks to visit by the Travel Channel, Boyd’s Key West Campground [...]

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Unusual & Free RV Parking Spots


Unusual & Free RV Parking Spots Parking fees for overnight stays can add up, especially if you are living full-time in your RV. If you are just passing through, you may want to consider some of these unusual & free RV parking spots! Did you know that some small towns offer a free one-night stay [...]

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