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Choosing a Retirement Destination

Choosing a Retirement Destination Finding the destination of where you will retire is an exciting and life changing decision. Will you be retiring somewhere close to family? Somewhere tropical? Perhaps a different country? Choosing a [...]

Selling a Senior’s Home is Different

Selling a Senior's Home is Different  Many homeowners have previously bought and sold homes. However, selling a senior's home can be much more complicated, due to the number of unique issues and decisions - and [...]

Hotel Philosophy – Staging Your Home

Hotel Philosophy - Staging Your Home It’s time to sell and you want to stage your home. Here is the rule of thumb when it comes to stage your home: a house isn’t staged to [...]

Why and How to Clear Clutter

Why and How to Clear Clutter Owning a home is such an amazing experience. It’s a home to make your own and to create memories with those you love. The fun part of owning a [...]

Shades of Gray

More homebuyers are expressing that grays are their preferred interior paint color. Integrate the most popular gray hues into your home when you prepare it for market. Gray walls exude a modern simplicity with a [...]

Marketing: The OTF Way

  Marketing: The OTF Way  Marketing is a concept which can be either looked at dauntingly or as creative challenge. Throughout my career, I have looked at marketing as way to push myself to find [...]

Is it time to sell your home?

Is it time to sell your home? Selling a home can be a scary process for many seniors. Building a life and countless memories in your home makes the thought of selling very intimidating and [...]